3 September 2018

Minutes Of North Thoresby, Grainsby And Waithe Parish Council Meeting Held On Monday, 3rd September 2018 At 7.00pm In The Village Hall


Present: Cllr. K. Butters (Chairman),

Cllr. T. Stone

Cllr. N. Krawiec

Cllr. T. Kuzemczak

Cllr. G. Croft

Cllr. I. Moor

Cllr. S. Wright

County Cllr. H. Marfleet

Dist. Cllr. S. Weller


Apologies: Dist. Cllr. Terry Aldridge and Cllr. T Love

Members Of Public: Two members of the public attended.


Register Of Interest:

Cllr N. Krawiec declared an interest as she is on North Thoresby PCC. Cllr T. Stone declared an interest as he is on Grainsby PCC.


Code Of Conduct: Councillors' attention was drawn to the Code of Conduct.


Open Forum: Mr Daniel Snowden and his client attended the meeting to discuss the proposed development in Ludborough Rd. He explained the proposed site, buildings, allotments, parking area and the maintenance of the buffer trees by the A16. The Parish Council raised concerns with regards to the maintenance of the wooden area, footpath, littering and street lighting.

Mr Snowden and client left the meeting.

The site was further discussed and will be commented on ELDC planning site.

County Cllr Marfleet talked about condition of White’s Rd. He said some places had been filled. The Clerk said she had concerns with Highways when reporting the issues with regard to Ludborough Rd and Plumtree Lane; she felt that other villages were having highway work done and North Thoresby is being left out. It was advised that the Clerk write to Mr Keith Ireland who is the new Chief Executive at Lincolnshire County Council to express North Thoresby’s Concerns. A copy will also be sent to our local MP Victoria Atkins.

The Clerk asked why is it taking so long to have the entire Station Rd changed to a 30mph. He said that this is in the system and will take time,

County Cllr Marfleet said that NE Lincs had been given 3 million pounds for work on the A18. Cllr Stone said the money would be spent on the piece of road that had already been repaired and not the parts that needed work.

County Cllr Marfleet left the meeting.


Minutes Of The Previous Meeting:

The minutes of the previous Parish Council meeting held Monday, 6th August 2018 were distributed to all Parish Council members and discussed. It was proposed by Cllr Croft and seconded by Cllr Stone that they represented a true and accurate account of matters discussed after the correction. All agreed.


Matters Arising:

The Chairman and the Parish Clerk went through outstanding issues from last month’s meeting:

Station Road, speed limit changing to 30mph:

County Cllr Marfleet said it will take time to change the speed limit.


Awaiting action by Highways.

Fire Doors in Village Hall:

Cllr Butters is working on this. Awaiting action.

Outside of Village Hall needs Painting & Telephone Box:

These have both been completed. No Action


It was decided to keep the safe but it still needs opening. Awaiting action.


Cllr Croft said the Speedwatch program has been done in Station Rd, which went very well, although it does cause a problem having a 30mph and a 40mph in the same road. This is a big success and will continue.

White’s Road.

This has been discussed previously but will be an ongoing concern.

Parish Council Surgery.

The Clerk had contacted Anglian Water with regards to a different colour tarmac being used when the leak was mended in the Square. The Contracts manager wanted to inspect it over the 1940’s weekend. The Clerk asked if they could come the following week but has not heard the results of the inspection. The Clerk will contact them again for an update. Awaiting response

Another date will be discussed at next month’s meeting for a Parish Council Surgery.


Village Hall Extension:

Cllr Butters shared the plans for the new storage extension which will be at the back of the village hall. These were passed to all councillors. He said they had been sent to Planning at ELDC. He asked to Clerk to send a cheque for £117.00 for this. It was talked about having a fire door fitted. Cllr Butters will look into this. Awaiting response from Cllr Butters. Clerk to pay for submission of plans.

The Clerk said she had made contact with Samantha Smith from Community Lincs to meet with the Parish Council with regard to funding. The meeting is 10th Sept at 6pm.

After discussion, it was decided to hold the Christmas tree light switch-on on Thursday 29th November at 5.30pm. The Clerk will ask the head teacher if the school children will sing at the event. Awaiting response.


Village Hall

Cllr Kuzemczak said she had been asked if the inside of the Village Hall could be painted. After discussion, it was decided to wait and see if the extension goes ahead and this will be looked at a later date. No Action

Cllr Butters said the light outside the village hall front porch has been installed. No action


1940s Event:

Cllr Butters said the 1940’s event was a huge success and an offer of an overflow car park has been offered. The Clerk will write to Mr Wright and congratulate all who helped making it a huge success.

Cllr Butters said he had received reports that when there is a function on at the village hall, that cars are parked either side of the road blocking the bus stop. Cllr Butters asked if a 'No Parking' sign can be put on the road. The Clerk has contacted Mr Sleaford. Awaiting response.


Public Toilets: Nothing to report


Speedwatch: Has been discussed


Best Kept Village: The Clerk said she had not heard from the BKV organizers.


Parish Council Surgery.

This has already been discussed.



Email from Anglian Water with regard to the water leak and the wrong colour tarmac being used.

Email from BT with regard to the condition of the Telephone box.



Sent to ELDC:

JH Todd & Son, Cockerline Cottage, Tetney Rd, North Thoresby. DN36 5QX



The monthly accounts for July 2018, consisting of Bank Reconciliation/Receipts/Expenditures, have been emailed to Parish Councillors before the meeting to review. These were discussed. It was proposed by Cllr Croft and seconded by Cllr Stone these be accepted as a true and accurate account of monies held at this time. All Agreed.


Transparency Code: July 2018 Expenses over £100.00

Wages: £957.33, CCTV £1,600.00, Maintenance Public Toilets £331.52, Village newsletter £155.00, HMRC (3 Months) £315.40, Laptop setup £263.00 and Grass Cutting £348.90.


Any Other Business: none


The next council meeting will be Monday, 2nd October 2018 at 7pm


This being the business transacted, the meeting closed at 9.05 pm.