January 2022 Agenda

North Thoresby, Grainsby and Waithe Parish Council.

The Village Hall, The Square, North Thoresby. DN365QL
Email. norththoresbyparishcouncil@gmail.com
Mobile: 07483290805.

Dear Councillor.

You are hereby summoned to attend North Thoresby, Grainsby and Waithe Parish Council meeting on Monday 17th January 2022 at 7pm in the village hall.

Signed.    Z. Snell     Clerk to the Parish Council.


01/01/22. To receive and consider for approval, apologies for absence and reason given.

02/01/22. To receive declarations of interest, openness and transparency of personal interest.

03/01/22. To approve minutes from the last meeting held on Monday 1st November 2021.

04/01/22. Public forum.

05/01/22. Financial report sent to Councillors.

06/01/22. Task update sent to Councillors.

07/01/22. To consider the Village survey comments and create a working group to annalize results.

08/01/22. To agree and set Budget/Precept for 2022/2023.

09/01/22. Planning applications.

10/01/22. To consider change of bank due to the closure of Lloyds Bank Louth.

11/01/22. To consider fencing quotes for the entrance to playpark.

12/01/22. To consider quote for IT support.

13/01/22. To consider quote for 500 x a5 leaflets for Village hall advertising.

14/01/22. To consider purchasing a projector for viewing planning applications.

15/01/22. To consider using the LALC website services for a further 3 months.

16/01/22. To resolve to repay Lottery Grant funding. 

17/01/22. To receive a reply regarding the yellow lines in the square.

18/01/22. To receive a reply from archives.

19/01/22. To agree a budget for carpet and refurbishment to office space in village hall.

20/01/22. To agree complaints procedure.

21/01/22. To agree recipient for profits made from the sale of 2022 Calander.

22/01/22. To agree to make formal complaint regarding the removal of the BT telephone box in Waithe.

23/01/22. To agree a proposal by Cllr Fisher in September to purchase a plaque or similar for the recognition or Dave Barnett`s commitment to North Thoresby.

24/01/22. To vote on setting up an environmental wildlife working group for planting trees in the playpark.

25/01/22. To consider speed watch sign quotes and information from CWS highways.

26/01/22. To consider an email sent from Patrick Cant regarding the removal of street lighting on A16. Email forward to Cllrs.

27/01/22. Update of community newsletter and how to make available information for residents digitally. And confirm the cut off dates for items in the newsletter.

28/01/22. Update fencing at the Village hall.

29/01/22. Agree finances.  Duncan Topplis £157.00

30/01/22. To consider exclusion of press and public due to confidential nature of the following agenda item. To discuss staff appraisal, and email received from LALC.

End of meeting.