February 2022 Agenda

North Thoresby, Grainsby and Waithe Parish Council.

The Village Hall, The Square, North Thoresby. DN365QL
Email. norththoresbyparishcouncil@gmail.com
Mobile: 07483290805.

Dear Councillor.

You are hereby summoned to attend North Thoresby, Grainsby and Waithe Parish Council meeting on Monday 7thFebruary 2022 at 7pm in the village hall.

Signed.    Z. Snell     Clerk to the Parish Council.


01/02/22. To receive and consider for approval, apologies for absence and reason given.

02/02/22. To receive declarations of interest, openness and transparency of personal interest.

03/02/22. To approve minutes from the last meeting held on Monday 17th January 2022.

04/02/22. Public forum.

05/02/22. Update from District and County Councillors.

O6/02/22. Planning Applications.

N/133/00043/22.This application is being delt with by LCC and not ELDC.  Autby House. Autby Drive. North Thoresby. DN365SB. – Demolish of dilapidated single story buildings and construction of new extension to accommodate processing machinery to enable manufacture of recycle plastic pellets.

07/02/22. Financial report sent to Councillors.

08/02/22. Task update sent to Councillors.

09/02/22. To agree to take advice from LALC regarding security risk information recorded for Councillors for a 6-month period. 

10/02/22. To consider tree quotes.

11/02/22. To consider a letter received regarding the request for funding.

12/02/22. To review Christmas lights, switch on. Review and plan for 2022.

13/02/22. To agree CCTV quote.

14/02/22. To consider payroll quotes.

15/02/22. To consider plans for Queens Jubilee event 5th June 2022.

16/02/22. To agree to look at paperwork to be archived.

17/02/22. To agree proposal by Cllr Fisher to purchase a plaque for a bench outside village hall.

18/02/22. Item bought back from January meeting to vote to set up an Environmental Wildlife Work Party.

19/02/22. To consider the following actions from the Community survey.

a.   Village Hall

A clock for the front of the Village Hall.

Bike rack for the Village Hall.

External painting at the Village Hall.

Ask Magpies to take over the ground between the toilets and the ramp.

b.   Memorial garden and Pinfold

Fencing and wild flowers at the Pinfold.

Bird boxes and feeds.

Add bench at Pinfold.

Add interpretation board at Pinfold.

c.    Play Park  

Gym equipment at Playpark.

Enquire MUGA with Mapletoft.

Handyman to fix bins to the ground.

Teen shelter with lights.

d. Bus shelter notice boards and benches.

Cllr Kuzemczak to get prices and download co-op grant form.

Notice board and planters outside centre of village and volunteers to water planters.

White entrance gates at The High Street and Luborough Road.

Perspex for notice boards.

Jubilee artwork for bus shelter.

Identify potential bench sites.

d.   Events.

Murder mystery night.

Children`s cinema.

e.   Reporting to ELDC and LCC.


f.   Any other comments.

Toilet closures.

20/02/22. To agree finances. D.Lainchbury- memorial bench. £200.00. LALC subscription £352.32.

End of meeting.